Current trends in landscaping

Everybody wants a colorful, vibrant, unique, and sustainable yard that welcomes guests and suits their family's lifestyle. Below are some of the most popular landscaping trends in recent years. The Alpine team can help create a backyard that suits your personal needs, budget, aesthetic, and dreams.

  1. Less Lawn, More Garden... including fragrant flowers and variegated foliage to last all season long. Popular plants include Hydrangeas, Lavender, Russian Sage, Moonflower, Impatiens, and Celosia
  2. Special areas devoted to a "theme"-- for example, a personal herb garden or a sensory garden (incorporating fuzzy lamb's ear, eye-catching succulents, fragrant lavender, and other exciting plants)
  3. Welcoming nature into your space-- building a backyard chicken coop, attracting birds and butterflies, and making the yard pet-friendly are all ways to feel more connected to the wonderful world we live in
  4. Unique water features to enhance the sight and sound of your landscape, such as pondless water features
  5. Drought-friendly/xeriscaping: incorporating or focusing solely on native plants, natural elements, succulents, drip irrigation, and hardscaped pathways to minimize water waste and lower your water bill!
  6. Pavers and other hardscaping materials: Permeable pavers can reduce runoff and leaching of contaminants; Pavers can also be a stylish and affordable alternative to natural stone or brick, and effects like planking on a patio can even be achieved with this application
  7. Dramatic details, like torches, fire rings, and outdoor fireplaces
  8. Great lighting schemes, using trendy LED fixtures, as well as cutting-edge technology to manage the entire system
  9. Outdoor kitchens, including beautiful BBQs, pizza ovens or state-of-the-art appliances
  10. Synthetic turf, to save water and maintenance costs and avoid the use of harsh chemicals