Eat Your Vegetables! Planting Guide and Timeline for a Vegetable Garden

Planting your own vegetable garden can be one of the most satisfying and economical activities you'll ever do. It is a family-friendly activity, ensures regular time outdoors, and the fruits (well, veggies) of your labor almost always taste better than what you could buy at any store. Just remember, when planning your veggie garden, DO NOT GROW TOO MUCH OR PLAN TOO MUCH TOO SOON. Remember, it is better to be proud of a small garden than to be frustrated by a big one! So, start small and ask yourself what sorts of produce you like to eat.

To survive and thrive, veggies need:

  • 6-8 hours full sun every day
  • 1 inch of water every week
  • Good, well-drained soil

You will need:

  • Basic tools: spade, fork, hose, hoe, handweeder, bucket
  • A 10-foot x 10-foot area for planting
  • Knowledge of your local frost dates

PLANTING GUIDE (Carlsbad, CA area)

  • Beans, March 8-15
  • Beets, around February 15
  • Broccoli, Feb 8-15
  • Brussel Sprouts, around February 1
  • Cabbage, Feb 1-15
  • Carrots, January 25-Feb 8
  • Cauliflower, Feb 1-15
  • Corn, March 1-15
  • Cucumbers, March 1-22
  • Eggplant, March 15-22
  • Kale, around Feb 1
  • Lettuce, February 15- March 15
  • Melons, around March 15
  • Peas, January 18-February 1
  • Peppers, around March 15
  • Pumpkins, around March 15
  • Radishes, January 4- Jan 18
  • Spinach, January 18-Feb 8
  • Squash, around March 15
  • Swiss Chard, Feb 8-15
  • Tomatoes, March 8-15
  • Watermelon, around March 15