Planning the Perfect Summer Party: Is Your Yard Ready?

10 easy steps to help you plan ahead so your summer get-together will be an event to remember.

  1. If re-vamping your entire yard is too much, divide it into specific areas based on intended use (dining area, bar, rest/pool/play areas). Pick a theme and decorate accordingly.
  2. Fix any lawn problems.
    • If the yard is more than 50% dead, remove grass and start with fresh seed.
    • If the damage is due to animals, keep them away and the dead spots should recover. Soak any urine stains with lots of water.
    • Brown areas/dry spots can be caused by compacted soil, so aerate annually and adjust sprinklers as necessary. Don't forget to fertilize, too!
  3. Prune any overgrown shrubs, trees, and flowers
  4. Decorate with plants in containers, to add color and variety to your space
  5. Polish off your hardscape with a power washing or scrubbing
  6. Create mood lighting with all-weather garden torches or a few strands of party lights
  7. Get your grill ready: Clean the grates, prep the propane, and add outdoor workspace for platters and cooking tools.
  8. Create an outdoor bar. Don't forget the ice, bottle opener, citrus twists, and other beverage necessities.
  9. Prep outdoor furniture-- make sure there's plenty of seating!
  10. Throw in some special touches to transform the look of your outdoor space.
    • Convert an unusued driveway into a patio with stone pavers. Use woolly thyme for the mortar, for a more natural look.
    • Add a custom fence or arbor topped gate to create a cozy retreat
    • Incorporate vibrant table runners or fun dishes onto the table
    • Use a colorful rug to create a separate cocktail area where guests can mingle before dinner
    • Accessorize with colorful cushions on the outdoor furniture