Landscaping improves home equity and resale value

Every homeowner knows that certain improvements increase the resale value of a home. Kitchen and bathroom redo's top the list of ways to increase your home value. But did you know that good landscape designs are also a worthwhile investment for your home??  Investing early in landscaping can yield a substantial payday and be a huge selling point, if you ever decide to sell your house. Sad, neglected lawns are a major turnoff to potential buyers, whereas beautiful yards with mature trees, efficient use of space, and eye-catching color, can speed the sale of a property AND add to its dollar amount.

According to some experts, such as Bob Vila, "a good landscape design can add up to 20% of value to your home." Professional landscaping can lead to a quick resale, too, because it achieves the always-desired curb appeal. In light of this, The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends investing 10% of a home's value in landscaping. Smart Money Magazine recently noted that spending 5% of the total home value on wise landscaping added 15% to the overall value of a house. Regionally, some experts (like the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Assocation) have discovered that good landscaping can speed the sale of a property by as much as 6 weeks. 

In sum, spending money on landscaping is a great decision because it offers an excellent return on your investment. Not only can it improve resale value and decrease the time your property sits on the market, but professional landscaping can also reduce noise pollution, improve air quality, enhance wildlife, control pests, and reduce erosion around your home. There are many compelling reasons to start a landscaping project on your home soon, and Alpine Landscape can make all your dreams a reality!